Z38xx Jackson Labs GPS on Linux via WINE

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  1. Download Z38XX GPS logging program.
  2. Identify which serial port the GPS is on.
  3. Identify the WINE virtual serial port corresponding to the Linux serial port:
    ls -l ~/.wine/dosdevices
  4. start Z38XX.EXE and set Parameters > Serial Port to the port corresponding to steps 2 & 3.
  5. Jackson Labs GPS typically use 115200 baud by default.

Z38XX legacy

Ulrich and Ina Bangert sadly have both passed away, and the website is maintained by a friend. Regrettably, the source code for Z38XX is not known to be available, and so people have resorted to hex-editing the binary to adapt for new devices that would not otherwise work. We are thankful for Ulrich’s service to the GPS/TimeNut/Amateur Radio/Radio Science community, and hope that other authors will consider open-sourcing their code to help the community even more.

Z38XX 2013-04-23 is the last known version from Ulrich.

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