Z38xx Jackson Labs GPS on Linux via WINE

  1. Download Z38XX GPS logging program.
  2. Identify which serial port the GPS is on.
  3. Identify the WINE virtual serial port corresponding to the Linux serial port:

    ls -l ~/.wine/dosdevices

if necessary, you can change WINE serial port mapping 4. start Z38XX.EXE and set Parameters → Serial Port to the port corresponding to steps 2 & 3. 5. Jackson Labs GPS typically use 115200 baud by default.

Z38XX legacy

Ulrich and Ina Bangert sadly have both passed away, and the website is maintained by a friend. Regrettably, the source code for Z38XX is not known to be available, and so people have resorted to hex-editing the binary to adapt for new devices that would not otherwise work. We are thankful for Ulrich’s service to the GPS/TimeNut/Amateur Radio/Radio Science community, and hope that other authors will consider open-sourcing their code to help the community even more.

Z38XX 2013-04-23 is the last known version from Ulrich.