YouTube Monetization change advertising

With some YouTube creators crying “censorship” as their videos disappear for those using the age-appropriate filter, and claiming videos are being demonetized, the loss of income for some channels is acute. As has been reported extensively beforehand in the popular media, advertisers found that targeting ads on specific channels, even using endorsements by the creator themselves vs. blasting banner and inline ads was as effective or more effective. The 10,000 aggregate view limit does not really bother anyone caring about legitimate monetization, as that would account for only about $20 of income. Other sites have long had similar lower limits for monetization for affiliate links.

Although I’m a small content creator, this monetization change is just part of life for content creators, sales commissions, etc. Shareholders and the company bottom-line come first. Creators should always diversify their income sources, for example the many YouTube creators using Patreon. This helps cover the case of pirated videos, whether reuploaded on YouTube or other video sites.

Being a video content or podcast creator is a business. Podcast creators have long had to tough it out on their own. YouTubers have sort of had their income stream come automatically to them as they do the hard work of content creation. YouTubers would be advised to add in to their workflow the need to fundraise and find their own advertising and donation income stream.