Install Xrdp for VNC via Windows Remote Desktop

xrdp is used to access remote Linux PCs from Windows PCs (or any other computer with RDP client). The SSH client on Windows may be on Cygwin or Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Setup Xrdp server

  1. install Xrdp and Openbox desktop
    apt install xrdp openbox
  2. create ~/.xession containing
    exec openbox-session
  3. enable xrdp with new config
    service xrdp restart


  • Openbox will show a grey screen upon typing password at Xrdp login. Right-click mouse to open menu.
  • If you just get a gray screen, try editing /etc/xrdp/ to contain
    if [ -r /etc/default/locale ]; then
    . /etc/default/locale
    export LANG LANGUAGE
    exec openbox-session

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