Install Xrdp for VNC via Windows Remote Desktop

xrdp creates an RDP server on remote Linux PCs.

Setup RDP client

RDP client (on your laptop) is installed by:

  • Windows: factory installed
  • Mac: RDP client
  • Linux: apt install xfreerdp
  • BSD: pkg install xfreerdp

Setup Xrdp server

The remote PC has the Xrdp server.

  1. install Xrdp and Openbox desktop
    apt install xrdp openbox
  2. create ~/.xession containing
    exec openbox-session
  3. enable xrdp with new config
    service xrdp restart


  • Openbox will show a grey screen upon typing password at Xrdp login. Right-click mouse to open menu.
  • If you just get a gray screen, try editing /etc/xrdp/ to contain
    if [ -r /etc/default/locale ]; then
    . /etc/default/locale
    export LANG LANGUAGE
    exec openbox-session

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Written by Michael Hirsch, Ph.D. //