Using Serial ports on Linux

Using serial ports from Linux is easy and robust. Serial ports work well from WINE too.

  1. PuTTY has GUI configuration for serial ports.
    apt install putty

    Minicom or screen are less user-friendly in my opinion.

  2. add the user to the dialout group for non-root access to serial ports (one-time)
    adduser $(whoami) dialout

    then logout and login

PuTTY serial ports

Here’s an example PuTTY configuration for a 115200 baud serial port device.

PuTTY serial port profile PuTTY serial port configuration
PuTTY configuration for Red Pitaya, Intel Edison and Beaglebone Black serial port.


Find serial ports

  • list hardware serial ports (motherboard or PCI card)
     apt install setserial
     setserial -g /dev/ttyS* | grep -v unknown
  • list the USB-serial adapter ports
     ls /dev/ttyUSB*

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