Why use Blackberry Android hardware?

2018’s security conscious smartphone choices for business/enterprise as well as the general public include:

Google Pixel 2Snapdragon 835, Android 8.1, $800+
Blackberry KEYtwoSnapdragon 660, Android 8.1, $649

If one is facing sub-$300 budgets as most of the world is, consider a phone listed on Lineage OS. It will take a bit of tech savvy, but you can buy a cheap device used and reflash to Lineage OS with the latest updates. You will need to ensure the device you buy is supported by your carrier–that it has the correct LTE bands. This is especially and often an issue if buying an “international” phone for use in North America or vice-versa.

Google Pixel phone specs outweigh Blackberry specs in essentially every way, except for:

  • lack of micro SD slot in the Pixel phone
  • much better battery life of Blackberry phones in general (including KEYtwo)

Having Android security updates before anyone else is a very important reason to use Blackberry over typical carrier handsets that might never get updates in an age of zero-day attacks. Note that unlocked Blackberry’s often get updates weeks or more before carrier-locked Blackberry phones. Blackberry’s deep EMM experience leads to custom security enhancements to the Android system not available on other handsets. Blackberry’s mid-priced handsets present an excellent alternative to Google Pixel handsets, having hardened security at widely-affordable, competitive prices.