Why do public safety systems use VHF instead of UHF or 800/900 MHz?

Why do so many public safety systems stay on 150 MHz VHF (or heaven forbid, low band (27-50 MHz) VHF)?

  1. adjoining agencies with zero budget–can be mitigated with system linking hardware at the main site
  2. fireground mutual aid–this is standardized under NFPA 1221. Will each department keep radios for all adjoining departments? Console patch ties up resources.
  3. they use crossband repeaters in command vehicle for fireground/mutual aid

VHF systems often require voting receivers due to the poor performance of VHF portables. The body attenuation on a belt-mounted portable radio, particularly when using a speaker/mic on a VHF portable is of order 20 dB – only 1% of the transmitted signal gets out, maybe less.

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