Upgrading from Ubiquiti Unifi 4 to Unifi 5

Backup existing Unifi configuration

  1. Navigate to https://unifi.localdomain:8443
  2. Settings > Maintenance > Backup and save to your laptop.

Reconfigure for Unifi 5

  1. In case your system doesn’t yet have apt https

     apt install apt-transport-https
  2. Add to /etc/apt/sources.list:

     deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/debian stable ubiquiti
  3. complete Unifi 5 install

     apt update && apt upgrade

After Unifi 5 Install

Unifi updates including this one are virtually always accompanied by firmware updates for the APs. Upon AP update your Wifi may go down for a few minutes while the APs say “provisioning”.

Insights > “Neighboring Access Points”

“Neighboring access points” shows you any other AP (including hidden SSID listed by BSSID) and it’s fascinating to see how much better (more sensitive, longer range) the AP is than your mobile device. You may see distant SSIDs that you’ve never seen from a mobile or laptop in the same office.

Unifi 5 changelog

As of July 10, 2017 “stable” maps to Unifi 5.5.

  • 5.4.16
  • 5.4.11
  • 5.4.9
  • Unifi 5.3 added features:

  • allow individual permanent on/off of AP LED
  • complete mobile-friendly UI refresh
  • added DFS (enabled with 2016 or newer hardware)
  • better RF scanning
  • ability to log for up to one year

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