Adding Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Pro to Unifi controller

This Unifi controller Adopt procedure works for Unifi AP-AC v2 as well as Unifi AP AC Pro.

  1. Connect the POE of Ubiquiti power supply to Main of the Unifi AP AC Pro, and LAN to your switch, then power up. Be sure the AP is on the same network as the controller!
  2. Find the IP address of the new Ubiquiti via the network it’s on (say 192.168.1.x) assuming there is a DHCP server on that network:

     nmap 192.168.1.* -p 22 --open

    In a few seconds you’ll get a list of devices–one of them will be the new AP AC Pro. Assume the new AP is on

  3. connect to the AP via SSH with login and password ubnt

  4. Tell the AP to look for your Unifi server, assume it’s at


    type info and you should have Status: Not Adopted

  5. login to your Unifi controller, go to the Devices page and you should see your new AP with status “Pending Adoption”. If not look to Troubleshooting section below. Click the new AP and click the little add/adopt button.
  6. You should see status “adopting” and then a minute or two later “connected” for this new AP.

Complete the setup by configuring your Unifi AP AC Pro via channel, SSID, power best practices.

Troubleshooting adopt Unifi AP AC Pro

For problems adopting the new AP, SSH into the AP and type:


See the status message for errors

Unable to resolve (http://unifi:8080/inform)

Try taking out the hostname for this device in your DNS server, especially if other devices on that net can’t resolve it.

Server Reject

Be sure your AP is on the same network as the controller that is in the same IP address range.

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