Uber Route Pass 2018 Boston

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2018 with Uber in Boston continues the low-price war against Lyft, with Uber Express Pool consistently having lower prices than Lyft Line.

While Uber Plus / Uber Pool Pass allowed steeply discounted pricing anywhere within a large map area covering much of Boston and its inner suburbs, Uber Route Pass gives fixed pricing for the month and 15% discount elsewhere nationwide.


  • 14.99 access fee (per month)
  • fixed price (not subject to surge) 5% - 15% discount off of non-surge Uber Pool or Uber X prices for a given route
  • 15% discount on any other trip in the USA

In my opinion, Uber Route Pass may not be worthwhile for most passengers willing to use Uber Pool or Uber Express Pool, except those that use Uber X every day to commute. Otherwise, much better pricing is available to the general public without Route Pass by using Uber Express Pool.

Uber Express Pool vs. Uber Route Pass

However, assuming a rider that does not like Uber Pool and only wants Uber X, then Uber Route Pass could save them some money. If their normal Uber X price is about $15, then after 7 rides, they’ve saved the initial $14.99 and will continue to save about 15% on fares.

However, the rider could save far more by using Uber Route Pass, which would cost about $4-5 on the same route. That is, Uber Express Pool yields a typical 60-70% discount vs. Uber X.