Uber Pool Boston $2 campus flat rates

DISCONTINUED: $2 Uber Pool flat rate on Boston campuses

The Boston Uber Pool campus $2 flat rate was not that interesting in my opinion. Most of the seven $2 Uber Pool flat rate areas were oriented around the close-in campuses.

The Boston University example below is an example of the gerrymandering and strict start/end requirements that severely limit the usefulness of the $2 Uber Pool flat rate. In this example, trips must either:

  • start in dark area, end in light area
  • start in light area, end in dark area

Boston Uber pricing map

People might only find the Boston Uber Pool campus $2 flat rate useful if it’s raining or they’re carrying heavy packages.


  • Hubway well serves most of the flat rate areas, even better for many cases than Uber Pool in terms of wait time and pickup/dropoff.
  • Walking may well be faster for most trips in these flat rate areas, particularly at rush hour as most trips would be less than a 20 minute walk.