Uber Wear OS app charging 50% more than Uber phone app

Uber’s upfront pricing has some problems as I’ve documented previously with overcharging riders. The table below shows example data averaged over about 10 minutes as I kept getting prices for the same ride, approximately at the same time on Uber’s Wear OS app and the Uber phone app.

Uberpool Wear Uberpool phone 1 rider Uberpool phone 2 riders
$7.72 $5.14 $6.14

This was with version 1.2.0 of the Uber Wear OS app.

So on average, using Uber Wear OS app was overcharging me by 50% !

At about the same time, I checked UberX pricing on Wear vs. phone and found the overcharging to be 4%. It was more than just the randomness of pricing, there was also a consistent overcharge with Uber Wear OS.

UberX Wear UberX phone
$15.54 $14.97


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Written by Michael Hirsch, Ph.D. //