Travis-CI Quick Start

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This Travis-CI quick start assumes Python on GitHub for simplicity. See the Travis-CI examples for several other programming languages.

  1. have a minimal and setup.cfg
  2. Create free Travis-CI account using your Github credentials
  3. add the GitHub repository to Travis-CI
  4. create a .travis.yml like:
language: python
group: travis_latest

  depth: 3
  quiet: true

  - 3.6
  - linux

install: pip install -e .[tests]

  - pytest -rsv
  - mypy . --ignore-missing-imports
  - flake8

  - if [[ $TRAVIS_PYTHON_VERSION == 3.6* ]]; then 
    pytest --cov;

Now, upon every git push, the Travis-CI dashboard will make the badge red/green depending on whether your test passed.

  • flake8 tests PEP8 compliance. Try autopep8 -i -r . to quickly fix most minor issues.
  • mypy tests static type hinting, which is a very good practice to reduce code errors.

Travis-CI output

The key point is that Travis CI considers only stderr == / != 0 for pass/fail:

stderr outcome
== 0 PASS
!= 0 FAIL

A third case is an ERROR in setup, perhaps a prereq is missing from setup.cfg.

Code coverage

See my page.

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