Travis CI OSX MacOS build speed

Travis-CI MacOS builds (denoted osx in .travis.yml) emerged from beta in April 2013 using cloud-based Mac hardware. As this service became popular beyond iOS developers using it for Objective C builds, the amount of free service offered for MacOS builds became increasingly constrained.


Free users are concurrency constrained to two MacOS instances and five Linux instances. MacOS builds count against the total concurrency limit of five for free users. osx build backlog graph in red. osx build backlog graph for 2017.


The Travis-CI status panel shows that the MacOS backlog is typically non-zero, and is in the hundreds or thousands during many hours of a 24-hour days. Meanwhile, the Linux backlog typically stays at or near zero.

The practical impact of this is that MacOS builds commonly take 20+ minutes to start, sometimes even several hours to start, making troubleshooting .travis.yml for osx very difficult.

Paid customers on the other hand should experience short wait times of a minute or so for osx builds.

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