Travis CI examples

Travis CI Continuous Integration service (self-check code on each git push) has free private builds for educational users, and free public builds for all.

Travis CI can build on Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 currently). If you need Windows builds, consider Appveyor. Codeship is another CI choice.

Travis-CI can compile in almost any language, using OS versions or sudo installable versions.

Here are a few categories of simple multi-platform builds.

Quick Start Travis-CI

  1. Create a free account–perhaps using your Github credentials
  2. add a repository to Travis-CI
  3. copy a .travis.yml template from one of the examples above–for Python, a tests/ file is expected. Make some very simple test, perhaps look at one of the examples for ideas.

The key point is that Travis CI considers exactly one condition for pass/fail–

  • stderr == 0 PASS
  • stderr != 0 FAIL

A third case is an ERROR in setup, perhaps a misconfigured in your project or missing prereq.