TK-481 / TK-981 scanning

Use Scan List mode

In System Information view (table of all 32 systems) set Scan List to YES on every system. Each system has an independent scan list, that is followed when you ENTER/press/start scan in that system.

Scan Scenario 1

I’m a base station in Boston. I want to listen to: Boston, Waltham, Marlboro.

  1. Set up 3 additional systems–put each site in a new system. In the scan table of each of these new systems, enable only these three systems.
  2. when you want to scan, select one of these three new systems, and start scanning there.
  3. If you temporarily want to scan say Peabody AND these three groups, start scan in one of the three new groups, then select Peabody.

Scan Scenario 2: Mobile, Boston ↔ New York

Alternative: This will require a mic clip–scan button will not be used

Setup a new system–think of it as your scan list system. Set all group lockouts to “No.” Hang up the mic in the mic clip–all groups in that system will be scanned.

E.g. I make a system “BostonBase” and put Boston, Waltham, Marlboro in this group. I set “Scan off hook” false.