Bluetooth speaker with FM radio

I consider having an FM radio in a Bluetooth speaker essential, as well as having SD card and 3.5mm input. The Simpowel V8 fulfills these needs for under $40.

Bluetooth Sound on Linux

Quick setup Bluetooth sound (speaker) on Linux PCs and embedded single-board computers, including the Intel Edison.

Goldwave audio editor on Linux WINE

Easy install Goldwave audio editor on Linux using WINE. WINE 2.x allows Goldwave 6.x to work, while WINE 1.x allows Goldwave 5.x to work on Linux.

SoundBot Bluetooth headphones

Detailed review of Soundbot SB240 and SB220 Bluetooth headphones–noting some problems with modern Bluetooth source devices.

CD-R is NOT for archival purposes

As CD-R writers become commoditized, some people don’t realize CD-R have a short lifetime, and even standard CD’s don’t live forever.