Switching to Blackberry Android from Blackberry 10 Passport

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I switched to the Blackberry Priv from the Blackberry Passport, allowing me to stop carrying a second (Android) device. The Snapdragon 808 CPU in the Priv has a Cat 9 LTE modem on board, and feels quite speedy on LTE or Wifi.


BB10 market share has been dropping rapidly, particularly with the release of Android-based Blackberry hardware.  The Priv enables me to carry one device for all my productivity apps, instead of relying on carrying an Android tablet for Office365 and other business productivity apps as I had to do with the BB10 Passport.   Blackberry Hub+ has been continually improved. I would like to see more than an email summary in Android Wear smartwatch. I note same issue using Google Inbox on Wear.


I love the Blackberry Android Mosaic task manager, as I found the BB10 limit of 6 full size apps too limiting. You can pull down on notification to expand them into a preview.


Android allows granular app permission setting. The DTEK app on Blackberry Android hardware allows monitoring utilization of permissions that are allowed.


The Blacbkerry Priv camera satisfied in a wide variety of scenarios as compared to Blackberry 10 Passport camera.


2.4/5 GHz performance of the Priv seems very comparable to the Passport, which I was pleased with.


The Priv keyboard is pretty good, I prefer the landscape orientation (e.g. Moto Droid 4) instead of portrait, but it was better than I thought it’d be. I needed a few days to adapt from Passport keyboard.


The Blackberry Priv AMOLED naturally has popping, bright (good) color. The color temperature can be adjusted, but I didn’t need to adjust it.