Upgrade Anaconda for latest Python

Python 3.6 is the default in Anaconda Python. Upgrade to the latest Anaconda by

conda install anaconda

conda install python=3.6

Anaconda upgrade errors

If you get Anaconda package conflict errors, you might just move your existing Anaconda directory to a backup location, and reinstall Anaconda/Miniconda from scratch.

Everything is supported in Python 3.6

The Scipy stack and Spyder support Python 3.6 including pathlib. Most of my Python programs require Python ≥ 3.6.

Why use Python 3.6?

Python 3.6 adds interesting functionality including:

  • pathlib added to stdlib. This gets rid of most awkward os.path functions.
  • f-strings, which allow f'This is {weight} kg for {price} dollars. instead of 'This is {} kg for {} dollars'.format(weight,price)




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