Upgrade Anaconda for latest Python

Python 3.6 is the default in Anaconda Python. Upgrade to Python 3.6 by

conda install python=3.6


If you get Anaconda package conflict errors, you might just move your existing Anaconda directory to a backup location, and reinstall Anaconda/Miniconda from scratch.

Python 3.6 Support

Nearly every popular Python package already supports the new features of Python 3.6. The Scipy stack and Spyder support includes pathlib. Most of my Python programs require Python ≥ 3.6.

Why use Python 3.6?

Python 3.6 adds interesting functionality including:

  • pathlib added to stdlib. This gets rid of most awkward os.path functions.
  • f-strings, which allow f'This is {weight} kg for {price} dollars. instead of 'This is {} kg for {} dollars'.format(weight,price)




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