Upgrade Anaconda 4.2 to 4.3 for Python 3.6

Python 3.6 is the default in Anaconda 4.3, and you should update to or download Anaconda 4.3.

If you already have Anaconda 4.2 installed, upgrade to Anaconda 4.3 by

conda install anaconda=4.3

If you get package conflict errors, you might just move your existing Anaconda directory to a backup location, and reinstall Anaconda/Miniconda from scratch.

Everything is supported in Python 3.6

Everything that I use is supported in Python 3.6 e.g.

conda install matplotlib spyder scipy jupyter
Spyder splash screen with Python 3.6
Spyder IDE running on Python 3.6.

manually add Python 3.6 to Anaconda/Miniconda 4.2

You don’t need the procedure below anymore, just download/upgrade to Anaconda 4.3.

conda create -n py36 python=3.6

source activate py36

You can use conda or pip as usual for Python packages, and OpenCV 3 works in Python 3.6

You can persistently use Python 3.6 in Anaconda 4.2 by adding to your ~/.bashrc

source activate py36

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