Switching to Python 3.6 on Anaconda 4.2

Until later in January 2017 when Anaconda 4.3 brings Python 3.6 as the default, you can manually add Python 3.6 to Anaconda/Miniconda 4.3

conda create -n py36 python=3.6

You can use conda or pip as usual for Python packages, and OpenCV 3 works in Python 3.6

Python 3.6, Anaconda 4.2 and Matplotlib

To install matplotlib in Python 3.6, at the moment you need to use the following procedure (till conda install matplotlib works again, soon)

conda install qt
pip install matplotlib

Spyder in Anaconda 4.2 with Python 3.6

At the moment (till Anaconda 4.3 comes out in late January) with Anaconda 4.2, Spyder will show a black screen, even after

pip install pyqt5
echo "backend: qt5agg" >> ~/.config/matplotlib/matplotlibrc
pip install spyder

So just wait a couple more weeks while Continuum Analytics figures that out in Anaconda 4.3. Use Spyder with Python 3.5 for now.