SVXlink server on Ubuntu Linux

SVXlink is useful as a Linux Echolink SERVER (repeater, link).. Qtel is a Linux Echolink client. Echolink for Windows program also works very well from WINE.


apt install svxlink-server qtel


  1. Create ~/.svxlink/svxlink.conf containing

    CALLSIGN= #your callsign e.g. W1AW
    CALLSIGN= #your callsign e.g. W1AW
  2. modify /etc/svxlink/svxlink.d/ModuleEcholink.conf

    CALLSIGN=  #your Echolink system callsign e.g. W1AW-L  or W1AW-R   need the appropriate suffix
    PASSWORD= # your Echolink system password
  3. restart the server and try to connect from Qtel or a standard Windows or Android Echolink client