SSHFS follow_symlinks

Options for accessing remote drives over SSHFS:

  • modify fstab (semi-permanent)
  • sudo mount (temporary)
  • ln -s /media/usbhdd (temporary) and use sshfs -follow_symlinks
  • SSH server [email protected] with external HDD /media/BigHDD
  • Laptop map remote SSHFS ~/X
  1. setup remote PC:
    ln -s /media/BigHDD ~/BigHDD
  2. on laptop create
    sshfs -o follow_symlinks [email protected]: ~/X

    then chmod +x

  3. connect to HDD via SSHFS
    cd ~/X/BigHDD
  4. To disconnect the SSHFS drive, on laptop:
    fusermount -uz ~/X



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