SoundBot Bluetooth headphones

SoundBot Bluetooth headphones are generally well-priced, durable, with good battery life, radio range, and fidelity for music and voice.

A key differentiator that some higher-priced headphones like Creative Aurvana have is multipoint Bluetooth pairing, where multiple (two) source devices seamlessly switch audio. These SoundBot headphones do NOT have multipoint pairing, so if you have two paired devices in range, you may have to manually unselect from one device and select from the desired device if both source devices are on.

I formerly liked the SB240 the best, however with modern Bluetooth devices I’ve noticed that every few minutes of silence (source not playing anything), the SB240 will go “boop boop boop”, disconnect, then “chirp” reconnect. Maybe this is a power saving feature of modern Bluetooth that the SB240 isn’t compatible with? It’s making the SB240 just about unusable. Maybe you’ll have better luck. Or consider a more modern design like the SB250.

modelcharging jackmain button
SB220mini USBrecessed
SB240micro USBprotruding
SB250micro USBedge


On Linux, you can force the Bluetooth headsets to medium-fidelity A2DP SBC, which is stereo with over 20kHz audio bandwidth, but it is uni-directional audio path (listen only). I do this despite that I mostly use the headsets for audio/video conference, where I use the cell phone built-in microphone or laptop built-in microphone for my return talking audio. Why? Because the HSP bi-directional audio profile has less than 4kHz audio bandwidth, like that of an old telephone, and today’s audio/video conferencing software has at least 8kHz of audio bandwidth, which we know from research and experience to be much better for intelligibility and pleasant to listen to.


The range and battery life are satisfactory and similar to other such Class 2¬†bluetooth devices. I can generally get 10-15¬†meters indoor range in residential and commercial settings to another Class 2 radio–that is, it covers a 1-2 bedroom apartment generally or to the story above/below where your paired device is, if you’re in the same part of the house. However, like any Bluetooth device, in congested areas your range might be reduced.

When using the SB240 or SB220 with a full power Class 1 device such as the Miccus Home RTX, you get whole-house coverage for a medium sized house and coverage outside the house for up to 30-40 meters, provided you’re on the same side of the house and there is a window in the room the paired device is in.