Bluetooth Sound on Linux

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Bluetooth speakers can easily be used with the Intel Edison and other Linux single-board embedded computers to wirelessly play sound. Create a homebrew Sonos®-like speaker system where the link between computer and speaker is via Bluetooth.

Configure Linux Bluetooth audio

From any Linux computer with Bluetooth, you can use Bluetooth from the Terminal via Bluez

  1. Hardware enable Bluetooth adapter

     rfkill unblock bluetooth
  2. Go into Bluetooth interactive mode


    This shows a list of devices already paired, and goes into an interactive Bluez program

  3. Software enable Bluetooth adapter

     power on
     agent on
  4. Find Bluetooth devices to pair with

     scan on

    You’ll see a list of Bluetooth pairing-mode UUIDs that stream in continuously. Keep waiting several seconds if you don’t immediately see your device. To stop the scan:

     scan off
  5. Pair with Bluetooth device, where uuid is your device

     pair uuid

    If it’s a device you use regularly and trust:

     trust uuid
  6. Connect to the Bluetooth device:

     connect uuid

Setup Bluez

On most Linux computers, you install Bluez via

apt install bluez

Setup Bluetooth sound on Intel Edison

If using Yocto on Intel Edison:

opkg install alsa-utils kernel-module-snd-usb-audio bluez5 gstreamer pulseaudio

opkg install kernel-module-ftdi-sio

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