Softlink/Symlink in Windows NTFS

Softlinks are useful in any operating system to shorten long, complicated pathnames like C:/home/user/where/is/my/file/now/data to just C:/data In Windows, the soflink creation syntax is


Here are some commonly useful examples of softlinks in Windows.

MinGW GNU Make

The default GNU Make filename in MinGW is mingw32-make.exe, which is quite inconvenient.

cd C:\mingw\mingw64\bin

mklink make.exe mingw32-make.exe
directory symlink.
mklink /d %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\data D:\data

This example softlink on Windows links:

D:\data (e.g. external USB drive)



so that your Python programs work with the same ~/data path in Windows and Linux.


ln -s /media/myusbdrive/data ~/data

Notice that the order of target arguments are reversed between Windows and Linux.