Raspberry Pi GNU Radio

  1. install GNU Radio 3.7.10 (on Debian Stretch 9/Ubuntu ≥ 17.04). This takes > 10 minutes even with a fast SD card. xvfb is generally useful for headless devices where software may needlessly assume a display is connected.

     apt install gnuradio gnuradio-dev xvfb git
  2. assuming you are interested in Red Pitaya with Raspberry Pi GNU Radio also install

     apt install gr-hpsdr
  3. configure the Red Pitaya for six HPSDR receivers

Fixed iface network device name

Raspbian/Debian Stretch 9 has gone to a more robust network interface naming scheme. To enable eth0 like names, a robust way is to:

  1. create a file /etc/systemd/network/10-eth0.link with the content, using your Raspberry Pi MAC address obtained from ip a:

  2. ensure the file /etc/systemd/network/99-default.link exists with the content

     NamePolicy=kernel database onboard slot path

Choosing/Prioritizing Wifi network headless

You can prioritize Wifi networks by the priority field, which can be a positive or negative integer.

  • default priority is 0.
  • equal priority Wifi then compared based on signal strength, security, etc.

wpa_supplicant reference

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