Student/hobbyist-built radar projects

Particularly with software-defined-radio, it has become feasible for electronics enthusiasts and engineering students to build their own radar. Here are a few projects.

Radar videos

Radar hardware, PCB and software

6 GHz singleboard FMCW radar, 100 meter range with Github

MIT OpenCourseware coffee can radar

8 GHz radar for UAV: PCBs and software with report

6 GHz radar Gerber files and Matlab

Raspberry Pi-based radar for measuring vehicle measurement: description, parts list, software

Schematics, PCB, software for another FMCW radar

HF imaging radar using Red Pitaya

Michigan State Univ. coffee can radar 2011

First coffee can radar from 2006

Radar applications

Breathing and heartbeat detection radar

Radar code

Python code for correcting FMCW non-linearity effects

Coffee can radar: forward model and estimation code (including SAR)


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