Santa Fe & Lamy, New Mexico Amtrak service

New Mexico multimodal railroad transit includes the RailRunner from Belen, NM and Amtrak service to Santa Fe, NM. Electric bike and bike rentals (including helmets and locks) are available at the main Santa Fe train station.

Electric bike rental at Santa Fe station

The Santa Fe station is the northern terminus of the RailRunner train line The Lamy Shuttle does pickup / dropoff for Amtrak Southwest Chief passengers at the Santa Fe station as well as hotels. The Amtrak Southwest Chief does not directly arrive in Santa Fe, but rather in Lamy, with a bus / van driving the 18 miles between Lamy and Santa Fe.

Lamy is one of three meeting points for the Southwest Chief, so the shuttle:

  1. departs Santa Fe → Lamy to dropoff eastbound Southwest Chief passengers
  2. an hour later goes back from Lamy → Santa Fe for westbound Southwest Chief passengers.

RailRunner train at Santa Fe station

Rail travelers from east and west of Santa Fe use the Amtrak Southwest Chief, connecting to/from Santa Fe either via Albuquerque and the RailRunneR train or perhaps more popularly via the Lamy, NM Amtrak station and the RoadRunneR Lamy-Santa Fe van shuttle.

Roadrunner van shuttle Lamy ↔ Santa Fe

RailRunneR trains have sparse (infrequent) departure times between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, that might not line up with the Amtrak Southwest Chief ABQ arrival. Due to the much shorter distance (18 miles / 29 km / 25 minutes) from Lamy to Santa Fe, the Lamy shuttle is a popular option for Amtrak travelers going to/from Santa Fe. The general routing from Lamy to Santa Fe on the RoadRunneR Shuttle is:

  1. Old Lamy Trail / Route 33 (1.6 miles)
  2. US-285/I-25 to NM-466 (16.4 miles)

The vehicle is usually a 12-passenger van, but sometimes is a large SUV. Unfortunately there isn’t any sign on the vehicle so you have to keep your eyes open and ask if it’s the right van.

RoadRunneR Lamy-Santa Fe shuttle schedule

Pickup from Santa Fe is ticketed at 11:40 AM. You must phone RoadRunneR 24 hours before pickup to arrange a time and location for pickup. Best as always to be a bit early and keep looking out the window for the shuttle, which may be an SUV on slower days. RoadRunneR took over the Lamy shuttle in 2016 from Tony, whose small business had been driving for 32 years prior to his retirement.

At the time of this writing, the Amtrak scheduled arrivals at Lamy were approximately 1 pm eastbound (train 4) and about 2 pm westbound (train 3). When train #3 and #4 arrive close in time, the van may wait at Lamy to take both groups to Santa Fe. Otherwise, if one train is delayed etc. RoadRunneR will make two round trips.

RoadRunneR Lamy ↔ Santa Fe shuttle pricing

The unscheduled (on the spot) and pre-scheduled (via Amtrak) pricing is the same: $40. You will not save any money by just showing up and paying “cash” for the Lamy-Santa Fe shuttle. You might get left behind with a very expensive taxi ride, if you can get a taxi since there’s little to no cell phone service at Lamy station.

Amtrak Lamy, NM station

The Amtrak Lamy, NM station is unstaffed.

Lamy 1930s timetable board

In May 2019, a gift shop, convenience store, bar and cafe opened in the Lamy, NM Amtrak station. It’s run by “Cindy Lu” and is named Harvey’s, after their cat. The Lamy station is more well patronized now than it has been in perhaps several decades. We wish them much luck in their endeavor.

Cell Phone

Wireless was weak to not present (cellular, WiFi) at or within about 2.5 km (1.5 miles) of the station. Cell phone service is generally NOT reliable within walking distance of Amtrak Lamy station. 4G mobile coverage has improved in the past couple years to be generally usable either side of Lamy, NM.

Radio Scanner

Radio scanner hears trains on the BNSF host railroad:

  • 160.41 MHz: west of Lamy
  • 160.59 MHz: east of Lamy