RTL2832 ADS-B decoder

Decode, log, and display 1090 MHz ADS-B aircraft transponder data with your $20 RTL2832 USB receiver with dump1090.

Install ADS-B logging software

  1. Add full-access USB privileges

    adduser $(whoami) plugdev

    logout then login

  2. install RTL-SDR drivers and prereqs

     apt install librtlsdr-dev rtl-sdr gcc make
  3. Setup dump1090 ADS-B decoding and logging software

    git clone https://github.com/antirez/dump1090
    cd dump1090

Now you can run by

./dump1090 --interactive

Advanced ADS-B decoding with RTL-SDR


FlightAware has a fork of dump1090 that uploads to the FlightAware network so you can contribute to the global flight database. This can also run on Raspberry Pi or other Linux computer. They have an optional inexpensive receiver with improved filtering and performance for ADS-B performance.

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