Auditing RF systems for Due Diligence

The tech world goes through cycles and waves of investor and public enthusiasm. Michael Hirsch began his technology career in the early 2000’s, fresh out of high school. This was during one of the peaks of interest in the wireless space. Sprint Nextel was gobbling up spectrum from traditional SMR operators in transactions from $100K to $1M per overall license acqusition. Hirsch worked for SMR operators, helping ensure their systems would survive Nextel’s technical due diligence.

Sprint Nextel logo
Post-merger Sprint Nexel logo.

However, as is well known, Sprint Nextel’s spectral rollout did not go so well after the $30B merger/acquisition. While the 800 MHz spectrum finally become useful over a decade later as LTE band 26, the net acquisition costs were staggering considering standard MHz/PoP metrics. One of the places Sprint went wrong in the Nextel acquisition is that the 800 MHz RF spectrum was heavily encumbered with on-channel and adjacent users. Also, the expensive spectrum refarming process would add even more headwind (financial and wallclock) to the process of actually using the spectrum they paid so dearly for.

Our expertise

Michael Hirsch assists investors of all sizes, from international blue-chip hosted VC arms to private equity and individual angel investors in evaluating the technical feasibility of a company’s product. Specifically, Hirsch’s expertise lies in RF systems, wireless data throughput in the face of interference and embedded system architecture.

We do not offer any legal, financial or investment advice. We apply our expertise in open source software development, RF systems, edge computing and remote sensing to look for potential pitfalls in a company’s technical approach to problem.

Competing services

There are numerous consultants that offer technical due diligence services in adjoining topic areas including:

  • rad hard satellite systems
  • RF transceiver bench performance
  • phased array far field performance: mainlobe gain and sidelobe characterization

There are also consulting firms offering audit packages for software such as:

  • software origin analysis (avoiding open source license taint e.g. GPL)