Michael Hirsch, Ph.D.: RF Systems Expert

Professor Hirsch has developed open and proprietary RF system models and simulations, incorporating them with other models such as geographic clutter and spectrum models to make a “system of models” for relevant scenarios. Michael also worked extensively with hardware, making the theory and simulations come alive with the latest in high-end RF / microwave / mmW hardware.

Michael gives guidance to public agencies from federal to local as well as commercial wireless ventures with regard to complicated designs and licensing negotiations with the FCC and Industrie Canada. Michael provided technical facilitation during sales negotiations of valuable SMR two-way radio spectrum to Nextel in metropolitan border regions, when that spectrum (especially the coveted 863-866 MHz band) was priced at all-time record high levels. Michael works extensively with trunked and conventional radio systems.

Michael has evaluated technical feasibility and business case suitability via critical design review on areas as diverse as:

  • full-stack hardware / software / model rapid prototypes to global RF spectrum standards
  • Cubesat communications systems
  • Statewide wireless networks
  • pedestrian and bike collision anticipation systems
  • outdoor microsecond-synchronized autonomous Arctic optical stations
  • software defined radar systems
  • autonomous navigating space vehicles with local radiolocation network (their own “GPS” in deep space)