Setup Red Pitaya for GNU Radio

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Setup Red Pitaya GNU Radio image

  1. format a micro SD card to FAT32 (find the SD card device name from df – be sure you don’t overwrite your hard drive!). Let’s suppose you found your SD card at /dev/mmcblk0, then:

     umount /dev/mmcblk0
     mkdosfs -F 32 -n GNURadio /dev/mmcblk0        
  2. unzip Pavel Demins SD Card image to this SD card

     mount /dev/mmcblk0 /mnt/GNURadio
     unzip ecosystem-* -d /mnt/GNURadio
     umount /mnt/GNURadio
  3. boot the Red Pitaya with this SD card.
  4. Connect to Red Pitaya via Ethernet using SSH (login/password root/root) using Avahi

    or via serial port

Setup laptop with Red Pitaya GNU Radio module

cd ~
git clone

create a Bash script ~/rpgr used for starting GNU Radio Companion for Red Pitaya

export GRC_BLOCKS_PATH=~/red-pitaya-notes/projects/sdr_transceiver/gnuradio

and make it executable with

chmod +x ~/rpgr

For each Red Pitaya GRC project

Each directory where you have a GNU Radio Red Pitaya project must have a softlink to In each of your GRC project code directories, do:

ln -s ~/red-pitaya-notes/projects/sdr_transceiver/gnuradio/ .

This is because Red Pitaya is not yet an OOT (Out of Tree) module for GNU Radio.

Example GNU Radio code for Red Pitaya

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