Install GCC, GFortran, CMake and Make on ReactOS

The GNU compilers, make and CMake are easily available for ReactOS via MinGW.

  1. if you haven’t already, disable JavaScript in Firefox browser as ReactOS might hang at 100% CPU on going to SourceForge website. Type about:config in address bar and Toggle javascript.enabled to false.
  2. Download MinGW-w64 compiler (gcc, g++ gfortran)
  3. Install to C:\mingw using:

    • Architecture: i686
    • Threads: posix
    • Exception: dwarf

This also installs GNU make at C:\mingw\bin\mingw32-make.exe. 3. add c:\mingw\mingw32\bin to your PATH under Control Panel → System → Advanced. 4. For convenience, symlink make to mingw32-make:

   cd C:\mingw\bin
   mklink make.exe mingw32-make.exe

CMake on ReactOS

CMake on ReactOS has a graphical installer cmake*-win32-x86.msi. Within the project code directory, in general build programs that have CMakeLists.txt on Windows (and other operating systems) with:

cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" -DCMAKE_SH="CMAKE_SH-NOTFOUND" -B bin .

cmake --build .

cmake --build . --target install   # optional


  • MSYS2 doesn’t work on ReactOS since Windows XP is not supported by MSYS2