rclone for Google Team Drive

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rclone works on Mac, Linux, Windows and several other operating systems for Google Team Drive and many other remote filesharing services.


  • Linux
    1. Download and extract–for PC, use amd64.
    2. add to ~/.bash_aliases
      alias rclone='~/rclone/rclone'
  • Mac: brew install rclone
  • Windows: Download, extract, install

do rclone config to add various remote file shares from Google Drive, Google Team Drive, Dropbox, etc.


I share lots of files with Google Team Drive, particularly since educational institutions get free unlimited storage. You must have rclone ≥ 1.37 to use Google Team Drive.

In these examples, remote is whatever drive name you chose during rclone config.

  • List remote directories: rclone lsd remote:
  • list remote directories under path/to: rclone lsd remote:path/to
  • list remote files: rclone ls remote:path/to
  • copy local computer ~/path to remote: rclone copy ~/path remote:path -v
  • sync local computer ~/path to the remote: rclone sync ~/path remote:path -v
    • Note, this DELETES files on remote that are not also on local PC!

Configuration is stored in ~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf.


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