Radio Mobile Deluxe WINE

Radio Mobile Deluxe is free but not open source radio propagation Windows software that runs on Linux well via WINE.

Download Radio Mobile Deluxe or do the following:

mkdir ~/rmw
cd ~/rmw


unzip rmw*

winetricks vb6run

Then to run the program, type or make a shortcut (script) to the command

wine ~/rmw/rmweng.exe

Line Endings must be Windows-style \r\n even on Linux/WINE!

For example the Radio Mobile Deluxe .ant antenna pattern files require \r\n CRLF line endings even when run under WINE (and the RMD author is WINE-friendly). You can convert Unix LF line ending files with

unix2dos myfile.txt

When using Python to write text files in Linux, by default the line endings will be \n LF line endings.

Forcing Python to write Windows/DOS CRLF from Linux

When using functions such as numpy.savetxt() set option newline='\r\n' which will work on Windows, Mac and Linux for Radio Mobile Deluxe.

General bug with Radio Mobile Deluxe when reading .ant files

Radio Mobile Deluxe through version 11.6.5 does not reload modified .ant files after its loaded them once. You will have to close/reopen the entire RMD program!


These are open source wireless propagation software:

  • Splat RF is also great for radio coverage prediction outdoors.
  • PyLayers is for indoor site-specific radio coverage prediction, also suitable for UWB.

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