Python Spyder IDE install on any platform

Spyder IDE stable upgrade

conda update spyder


pip install --upgrade spyder

Spyder Beta install

This puts a seperate copy of the most up to date Spyder in the spyder diretory. Your stable Spyder version will still available.

git clone

python spyder/

Spyder Beta from command line

add to ~/.bash_aliases the line

alias spyderbeta="python ~/spyder/"

update Spyder to the current beta version

go into the spyder directory and type

git pull



ImportError for PyQT4 with Matplotlib

from matplotlib.pyplot import figure

you need to edit ~/.config/matplotlib/matplotlibrc to have

backend: qt5agg

This is because Spyder uses QT5, which is great for a number of reasons including HiDPI support.

Error: EOL while scanning string literal

in Run > Configure > General Settings > Command Line Options

be sure no line end is in parameter string. To be sure, delete trailing spaces–also check any of the interword spaces if it’s still happening.

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