Python Spyder IDE install on any platform

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Spyder IDE stable upgrade

conda update spyder


python -m pip install --upgrade spyder

Raspberry Pi

On Raspberry Pi, because of large number of large prereqs, you may want to use system Spyder3, even though it’s older.

apt install spyder3

Spyder shows up under “Programming” category of Start menu.

Spyder Beta

This puts a separate copy of the most up to date Spyder in the spyder directory. Your stable Spyder version will still available.

  1. Download Spyder
    git clone
    python spyder/
  2. add to ~/.bash_aliases
    alias spyderbeta="python ~/spyder/"

update Spyder

cd ~/spyder

git pull



ImportError for PyQT4 with Matplotlib

from matplotlib.pyplot import figure

you need to edit ~/.config/matplotlib/matplotlibrc to have

backend: qt5agg

Spyder uses QT5, which is great for many reasons including HiDPI support.

Error: EOL while scanning string literal

in Run → Configure → General Settings → Command Line Options

be sure no line ending is in parameter string. To be sure, delete trailing spaces–also check any of the interword spaces if it’s still happening.

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