GNU Octave versions available from Linux distro

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Octave compiling takes a long time, perhaps an hour or even many hours. For those writing scripts that assume Octave is available, it’s useful to know which Linux repos have what Octave versions in their default repos. For MacOS and Windows users, they can simply install Octave binaries.


GNU Octave is only available in EPEL:


Ubuntu’s universe repo has Octave:

  • Ubuntu 14.04: Octave 3.8
  • Ubuntu 16.04: Octave 4.0
  • Ubuntu 18.04: Octave 4.2
  • Ubuntu 18.10: Octave 4.4


Raspbian for Raspberry Pi is currently on Debian Stretch 9. We have done interesting on-line “real time” video processing even on a Pi Zero using GNU Octave.