AOL Instant Messenger by phone.

With wireless web services growing to the point that Nextel now offers the color i95cl for $400, we haven’t seen cameras hit here yet. I admit to having a $110 i85s since I couldn’t justify 2x or 4x for a flip phone. I use the phone too frequently to flip it open and shut, it would probably break.

Anyway with AOL Instant Messenger on Nextel, it’s sort of like a text phone webpage that refreshes itself. I would be surprised if it’s much more than that with a bit of software integration. I feel a little embarrassed and unsophisticated using AOL IM when I was one of the first million ICQ users. Given my long hours of work and school, I’ve made West Coast acquaintances and it’s a way to kick back and talk to them without opening the laptop at the end of a hard day of work and school.

Yes I started taking one college class at a time; I need to prepare for my post-wireless cowboy days…after we sell the SMR licenses!