Getting NEXRAD weather radar archive data

NOAA archives NEXRAD and TDWR radar data.

12000x5400 PNGs are available since 2010 (6000x2400 back to 1995). Our Python program downloads composite reflectivity data rapidly using multiple download threads.

Interactive HTML5 National Reflectitivty Mosaic

Unfortunately a colormap-data table or function isn’t readily available. Of course it’s inside the NEX2IMG program, but I would have to hack this a bit to extract the function. Another approach would be to use the HSV map to bin the PNG data.

NEXRAD 10kft coverage map.
NEXRAD 10kft coverage map. Courtesy of Iowa Environmental Mesonet (IEM).> ## Notes * Python Nexrad Level 3 [example]( * MetPy [ctables]( * matplotlib example of [N0Q]( * N0Q colormap [reference](


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