N1MM Logger on Linux

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N1MM Logger is popular amateur radio contest logging software designed for Windows. It’s also readily usable on Linux using WINE. This was tested using WINE in Windows 7 mode, since Windows XP is not supported for Windows XP.

  1. Install WINE if you don’t have it already.
  2. Set WINE to Windows 7 mode under

    if you desire, create a new Wineprefix.

  3. Install .NET 4.0 in WINE
    winetricks dotnet40
  4. Download and run N1MM Full Install
    wine N1MM*FullInstaller*.exe
  5. Download and run N1MM latest update
    wine N1MM*Update*.exe
  6. Start and configure N1MM Logger as per the directions for your particular contest.

Radio control

N1MM can interface with your radio to pull out the frequency/mode for the log. You’ll need to map the serial port via softlinks and then select that COM port in N1MM Logger.

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