Positive outcomes of undergrad research internship

I found that most people were blown away that I made a new type of educational radar and improved upon a patented harmonic radar antenna in my first year of undergrad. Boeing was very interested in having me out to California with a handsome compensation package. They were one of many. However, now NRL is in the mix. The problem is, they can’t get me the official paperwork until well AFTER all the other internship commitment deadlines.

My advisor Prof. Kempel says to trust NRL and go with it, I feel it’s the best too. My future boss at NRL says I could come down over spring break to see it, but I trust him that it’s great. I will have to once again line up an apartment sight unseen!

So the main point is that having a solid university summer research internship leads to you being the hot item next time, right up to the best institutions in your field.