Miracast on Linux in 2017

  • This procedure did not fully work for me.
  • Use Intel WDS Linux Miracast source/sink install guide.
  • connman is required instead of NetworkManager

This page is just documenting my attempt, to point to Intel’s work on Miracast. Linux support for Miracast/WDS is gradually increasing thanks to Intel Open Source Technology Center 01.org.

Miracast on Android

I noted earlier that support for Miracast from Google via Android seems to be decreasing. Generally you need a high-end Android device like a Blackberry (e.g. KeyONE) to have Miracast on Android. You should see your Miracast adapter pop up in a second or two on your Android devices from Settings → Display → Cast Unfortunately, some devices like the Nvidia Shield Tablet do not work with Miracast–the Miracast adapter will not show up in the Cast menu.

Miracast on Linux

  1. Miracast WDS Prereq

    apt install connman g++ cmake flex libbison-dev libglib2.0-dev libgstreamer1.0-dev
  2. Compile and Install Miracast WDS on Linux

    git clone https://github.com/01org/wds
    cd wds
    cmake .
  3. Test Miracast WDS Linux–I issued the commands at the WDS Github and found myself with non-working Wifi at all after installing connman. I was lucky to get Wifi back by uninstalling connman and reinstalling network-manager.

I did not pursue this further, as I want to have both normal WiFi and Miracast. Perhaps as Intel does more work on Miracast for Linux, it will become more usable for the general public.


No package ‘gio-2.0’ found

apt install libglib2.0-dev