Miniconda Python on Intel Edison

Note: regrettably the Intel Edison has been canceled by Intel, leaving the market to arguably inferior products.

install the repositories

opkg install tar



Now you can use all the very easy to use conda goodness of Miniconda to trivially install packages like Numpy, SciPy, OpenCV, etc. on the Intel Edison.


conda update conda 
conda install numpy scipy astropy

OpenCV with Python on Intel Edison

opkg install opencv

Yes that’s using system Python 2.7 and OpenCV 2.4, which uses 62 MB of space on your / partition.`

Currently the menpo conda channel doesn’t have OpenCV 3 for linux-32, which is what the Intel Edison needs.

I didn’t try:

  • Miniconda Python 2.7 with OpenCV 2.4
  • compiling opencv (this might better done with bitbake on a normal PC)

Notes on installing Miniconda Python on Intel Edison

  • if it isn’t using your python when you type python be sure

      export PATH="/home/root/miniconda3/bin:$PATH"

    is in both ~/.bashrc and ~/.profile

  • The Intel Edison is a 32-bit CPU, so we use the 32-bit Miniconda Python.
  • We need GNU Tar because Busybox tar doesn’t have the needed tar option --no-same-owner, and it’s not compatible with GNU tar archives (!)

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