Melanie Sinche *Next Gen PhD* - survey data and results talk notes

Melanie Sinche, Director of Education at Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine in Farmington, CT gave a talk via the Boston University BEST program at the BU Castle for Postdoc Appreciation week.

Her survey research for her book Next Gen PhD invoked 8,099 usable responses. Dr. Sinche acknowledged that there was the typical online survey self-selection bias along with additional bias toward PhD’s using social media. For example, a 2010 MIT postdoc survey found 60% of postdocs surveyed were international.

PhD Postdoc stats

Survey Demographics

  • 46 LinkedIn groups targeted toward PhD’s were canvassed
  • 42% men, 56% women
  • 82% US citizen or permanent resident, 17% international
  • 10% underrepresented minorities
  • 70% married, 26% single, 2% divorced/separated
  • 36% have children

One of the attendees noted there is typically a bias toward more women responding to surveys.

Next Gen PhD survey slides

in support of book Next Gen PhD.

three column text of PhD skills learned in university summary of important skills learned during PhD
Statistics on useful skills learned during PhD

postdoc statistics for Boston University from August 2016

Thanks to Sarah Hokanson, Program Director, Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs at Boston University, Chelsea Epler, Program Director of BU BEST and Gloria Waters Vice President and Associate Provost for Research.

  • 377 postdocs total
  • 151 postdocs in Engineering (40%)