Meeting people in D.C. during an internship

All this is obvious to the many interns serving legislative, executive and judicial offices. For STEM interns, they may forget the importance of networking in D.C. as they might be overwhelmed at first.

Internet resources

As a repeat, long-term engager in D.C., I have found websites like to be vital for leapfrogging ahead. You can find groups like “Science CafĂ©” or oriented about outdoors activities, music, language or just about anything else in D.C. and other cities. Since the vast majority of people in D.C. are from outside the city, there’s always many other people who are new too. It’s important to get familiar with smart casual dress for example. Yes you’ve ditched the heels and cuff links, but remember the person next to you might be clerking for the Supreme Court.

A friend gave me this nice shirt saying “I’m Statistically Significant”, a block puzzle and another trinket from her statistics conference. It’s one of those nice very thoughtful gestures that comes directly from getting engaged more than a year ago and keeping up ties while I’m jetting back and forth.

As a result of all these linkages, my resume will be helped to float to the top of the stack as I look for a position where I can make some impact here next spring. I have also made some possibly life-long connections and for that I’m deeply thankful.