Matlab exit return code for CI

CI systems including CMake CTest generally rely on integer return code to detect success (== 0) or failure (!= 0). For consistent return of error code for GNU Octave and Matlab, consider wrapping the testing script as in errorret.m

This script uses fprintf(2, 'test message') to write to stderr from Matlab / Octave.

For CI, note you should call Octave using octave-cli --eval myscript This is necessary for exit on rethrow, error, etc., since octave runs interactively without forced exit. For Matlab,


where status is 0 for success and not 0 for failure is necessary. This works for GNU Octave and Matlab.


Without the technique above, here’s what can happen upon raising error in a .m script:

  • octave-cli --eval "mytest()" returns non-zero error code
  • matlab -nojvm -r "mytest()" hangs at > prompt endlessly

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Written by Michael Hirsch, Ph.D. //