MATLAB data cursor–higher precision (more digits displayed)

The MATLAB data cursor by default gives you 4 digits of precision. Here’s how to increase the precision for the Matlab data cursor.

Increase cursor precision: Matlab R2014b and newer

Follow Caspar’s procedure. It adds a custom function callback.

Increase cursor precision: Matlab R2014a and earlier.

This does NOT work for Matlab R2014b and newer.

  1. open the config file in your editor

     geany $(dirname $(realpath $(which matlab)))/..[email protected][email protected]/default_getDatatipText.m
  2. Look inside default_getDatatipText.m for:

     function [str] = local_Geometry_getDatatipText(hgObject,hDataCursor)
     DEFAULT_DIGITS = 4;  % Display 4 digits of x,y position

    change DEFAULT_DIGITS and restart Matlab after making this change!




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