Managing high volumes of email with Blackberry Hub+ vs. Microsoft Outlook

I use Blackberry Hub+ for all my communication needs, including

  • primary work and personal email and multiple calendars
  • Slack, Skype, Twitter, SMS, LinkedIn
  • notification email addresses

I tried the Microsoft Outlook on Android for three weeks in August 2016 and a week in June 2017. The Outlook for Android calendaring requires internet to save/show events! This is unacceptable in a dynamic mobile world where internet is not available. Blackberry Hub+ stores/shows new/changed events (done on the phone) immediately even when the Internet is not available, and syncs when connectivity is back up.

In the end, the rock-solid Blackberry Hub+ is the clear winner for managing all my professional and personal communications and calendaring.

Blackberry Hub+ for all Android 5.0 and newer

The vast majority of active Android devices can use Blackberry Hub+, including fingerprint authentication.

I wish Blackberry Hub+ supported Outlook “Clutter” and Archiving in general

I get a lot of email from constantly changing groups of collaborators, students, and future prospects. Not to mention the avalanche of receipts, reminders, newsletters, and notifications.

I have found Google Inbox to be pretty good at sorting Priority/Inbox/Low Priority/Spam email, as well as Microsoft Office Focused/Inbox/Clutter/Spam separation. Notice that both these popular corporate & personal email providers separate email into 4 primary levels. Yet Blackberry Hub in its BB10 heyday did at most 3 levels, and Android Blackberry Hub+ has only 2 levels of email: general/spam.

The Outlook for Android app can recognize Priority vs. All email, and I wish Blackberry Hub+ would do so too.

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