Managing high volumes of email with Blackberry Hub+ vs. Microsoft Outlook

I use Blackberry Hub+ for all my communication needs, including

  • primary work and personal email and multiple calendars
  • Slack, Skype, Twitter, SMS, LinkedIn
  • notification email addresses

Previously, I tried the very buggy Microsoft Outlook on Android for three weeks in August 2016. The Outlook for Android bugs were particularly bad with regard to calendaring.

In the end, the rock-solid Blackberry Hub+ was the clear winner for managing all my professional and personal communications and calendaring.

Blackberry Hub+ for all Android 5.0 and newer

The vast majority of active Android devices can use Blackberry Hub+, including fingerprint authentication. iOS is said to be in work for Blackberry Hub+.

I wish Blackberry Hub+ supported Outlook “Clutter” and Archiving in general

I get a lot of email from constantly changing groups of collaborators, students, and future prospects. Not to mention the avalanche of receipts, reminders, newsletters, and notifications.

I have found Google Inbox to be pretty good at sorting Priority/Inbox/Low Priority/Spam email, as well as Microsoft Office Focused/Inbox/Clutter/Spam separation. Notice that both these popular corporate & personal email providers separate email into 4 primary levels. Yet Blackberry Hub in its BB10 heyday did at most 3 levels, and Android Blackberry Hub+ has only 2 levels of email: general/spam.

The Outlook for Android app can recognize Priority vs. All email, and I wish Blackberry Hub+ would do so too.