LTE-enabled Wear OS and Apple Watch comparison

This table compares LTE smartwatches with various operating systems. Some LTE smartwatches can be used with Google Fi or Ting. The LG-W280 Sport can use LTE bands 2 and 4 with Google Fi/Ting, while the LG Urbane 2 W200A can use LTE band 2 with Google Fi/Ting. The LG-W200A and LG-W280A also work great on AT&T.

Ting has not yet announced general eSIM support as they battle the carriers.

Model CPU LTE Band Google Fi/Ting Voice call FCC ID
LG Sport LG-W280A SD 2100 2,4,5,13 yes yes ZNFW280
LG-W200A Urbane 2 LTE SD 400 2,5,13 yes yes ZNFW200
Huawei Watch 2 SD 2100 1,3,7,8,39,41 No yes QIS-LEO-DLXX
Garmin vívoactive 3 Music SD 2100 4, 13 No No IPH-A3405
Apple Watch 3 LTE Apple S3 2,4,5,12,13,17,18,19,25,26,41 No yes BCG-A1860
Apple Watch 4 LTE Apple S4 2,4,5,12,13,17,18,19,25,26,41 No yes BCG-A2008


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