Updating/Checking Logitech Unifying receiver version against MouseJack

The MouseJack security scare for numerous devices will no doubt persist for a long time. The MouseJack vulnerability allows your unecrypted wireless mouse connection to be used as a keyboard by attackers to inject unwanted keystrokes, possibly taking over your PC.

For Logitech Unifying receivers, you can check the receiver firmware version with Solaar on Linux

apt install solaar

You will need to go to Windows, and get the firmware for your receiver. For example, Unifying receiver firmware 012.xxx firmware series less than version 012.001.00019 is MouseJack vulnerable and needs updating.

Use the Update Firmware option in the Logitech Unifying software with the forum download linked above.

Logitech Unifying receiver firmware Update screen
Updating Logitech Unifying receiver firmware against MouseJack.

For the 024.xxx firmware series, versions less than 024.005.00029 are MouseJack vulnerable.

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