Logitech M570 trackball is a fantastic choice

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The Logitech M570 costs about $50, and is a user-maintainable trackball with back/forward buttons and clickable roller for programming and web-browsing convenience. I have multiple Logitech M570, and they have proved durable on the road and during heavy usage. I choose a trackball as I often have a busy desk without room for mice, and want to avoid strain on my wrist.


I spilled soda into my M570, and readily was able to take the M570 apart with a jeweler’s Phillips screwdriver and clean it. Every few months, you can pop out the trackball and clean the rollers or just blow on them to get the dust out.


The M570 Unifying receiver “just works” on Linux upon plugging in, being recognized as an HID device. If you desire the ability to pair/unpair your mice/keyboards with the Unifying Receiver, use the Solaar program.

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