Listening on Marine band VHF radio

I got a marine VHF Regency Polaris MT3000. Because it doesn’t have all the channels that some people are starting to use. Usual garage sale stuff. He wanted more for the antenna, but I can just build one myself.

Once I did this guys at school wanted to buy them, but I showed them how to do it themselves as I don’t think the quality is high enough to justify charging for them.

With this setup I can hear boats to 20 km plus, pretty fun.

Building a VHF antenna from coat hangers

The idea is to build a vertical with four 45 degree groundplane wires. We do this with an SO-239 (UHF female) and While not exactly tuned, choose to make each of the 5 wires 19 inches, then bend one end into a small loop for eye protection

End prep: sand/brush to get off any coatings or oxides. Use high heat soldering gun to tin immediately after brushing. We are only going to solder the center wire, the ground wires will use bolt and nut through the chassis-mount SO-239.

Solder the center wire. You hang the antenna from a fishing line tied to a hook in the ceiling or other fixture.